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We offer an array of optional services to control insects and pest that can affect your lawn or harm your family members. We will monitor your lawn with each visit, and will make recommendations should a particular pest problem arise.

Fire Ants!

Protect your family and pets with our one time treatment for year long  Red Imported Fire Ant Control! -  Guaranteed!

Mole Cricket

Seldom seen but often destructive, We offer 1 treatment season long  mole cricket control- Guaranteed!

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Flea & Tick

With our monthly treatment program, we can help your pet and kids stay safe!- Guaranteed –  We also offer optional treatment plans for Flea and tick control.

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Mole Control

Moles can cause serious damage to your lawn. We have several options to insure that your lawn is protected from mole damage!

Sub Surface Insect Control

Gets rid of the grubs and other insects enjoyed by moles.

Pre & Post Emergent Weed Control in Landscape Bed

Keep your landscape beds as weed free as possible year round.

Hard Surface Weed Control

Got a gravel driveway, pavers, or stone landscape areas? Keep those unsightly weeds out with our special hard surface weed preventatives.

Disease Controls

Fungus diseases are responsible for many lawns declining each year. We make recommendations to prevent and to cure fungus diseases in your lawn.

Above Ground Lawn Damaging Insect Control

We can treat for Spittle Bugs, Chinchbugs , Armyworms and others. We monitor your lawn and advise if your lawn has infestations of these harmful pests.

Core Aeration

Most lawn experts and Universities agree that core aeration is one of the most beneficial cultural practices for a healthier, greener, more vibrant lawn.

Core Aeration & Seeding

Here are just a few ways our Freedom Lawns core aeration and overseeing services in late summer and fall will enhance the quality of your lawn:

• Reduce soil compaction- deeper roots, better air circulation

• Reduce thatch accumulation- excess thatch will impede moisture, and create a more favorable environment for disease and insects

• Aeration enhances seed germination- This will improve your lawns density and overall quality

• Introduce better grass varieties into your lawn- Our new improved varieties will help your lawn to be more resistant to diseases and other pests.

• Improve your lawns - overall health and appearance!

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